13 frightening hair moments we wouldn't wish on anyone (7)

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Many of us are very protective over our hair so a hair-related accident can be a complete nightmare that’s difficult to bounce back from. In honor of the scariest holiday of the year – good ol’ Halloween – we asked a few women to share their scariest, most frightening hair moments that we wouldn’t wish on our enemies.

  1. One late night I randomly decided that I was ready to take down my crochet braids. I tried to simply unravel the cornrows, but it quickly became a mess so I had to consult YouTube. I watched a couple videos and felt that I had things under control so I started carefully cutting the crochet braids out as directed. To this day, I’m still not sure what happened but I cut a huge section of hair right from the front of my hairline. I was so upset!!
  2. I have super long hair and love to wear it out really big. On my commute home, the train was really packed so I was barely able to squeeze on. My back was to the closing doors and all of a sudden my head snapped back. My hair was caught in the doors!!! I lost my balance and fell to the ground. I felt a strong pull and heard some hair tearing. At the next stop, some people were able to help me out but I have a bald spot in the back of my head that four years later hasn’t quite grown back!
  3. I have thick hair and back in the day when my mom would relax my hair for me. One day my mom picked up the “Super” strength relaxer to see if it would help me get the bone straight look I wanted. My scalp was BURNING within minutes and I hollered for my mom to rinse it. I lost all of the hair from the nape of my neck to about 3 inches up. That was my last relaxer EVER. 

  4. A couple summers ago, I went to one of those braiding shops to get my “Poetic Justice” braids done. After close to three months, I was ready to take them down. Only problem was as the braid extensions came out, so did my edges!! The braids were just too tight and too heavy and really left my edges in bad shape. Say “no” to tight hairstyles!
  5. My wig came off in church. The lady in the row behind me tripped while moving through the pews and as she went down, she took my wig with it. And of course, I showed up on the screen while the cameras that record the service were panning the congregation. HORRIBLE!
  6. I let a friend help me go blonde and somehow ended up with orange hair. It was so embarrassing! My hair was damaged from the whole process that I wasn’t able to do anything to fix it for a couple of weeks. Wigs were definitely my friend! I am now a big advocate for letting a stylist handle any hair treatments that involve chemicals!
  7. Last year the grey hair trend was really big so I tried to jump on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, my hair was tired from all of the other colors I had tried so when I got my hair dyed grey, it started shedding!! I was afraid to brush or comb my hair because there was just so much hair coming out every time!

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  8. I am so afraid of scissors. Trims make me nervous so I usually put them off which results in a ton of split ends. I went to a new stylist to get a trim when my usual person moved away. Although I begged her not to go crazy with chopping my hair off, She cut off my entire ponytail because she felt that my ends were not salvageable, but WITHOUT MY PERMISSION and WITHOUT A WARNING! I almost fainted!
  9. I went to one of the Dominican restaurants in my hood to get a blowout. A few weeks later, after a good wash my hair would not go back to its curly self. I found out from a friend that that salon was known for mixing a touch of relaxer in its conditioners when someone with thick coily hair came in. I was so hurt!!
  10. When I was in middle school, I wanted my hair hot-combed straight since I didn’t have a relaxer. My mom said she could do it for me so one night we pulled a chair into the kitchen and she got to work. About 5 minutes into it, it smelled like something was burning way more than the usual scent applying extreme heat to hair causes. My mom had started from the front for some reason and burned off my bangs!!! I had short pieces of hair in the front and I died a thousand social deaths. I had to wear cornrows for a long time before my bangs grew back.

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  11. Back in high school, I let one of my best friend do my hair and she was crazy rough with my hair. I was one of the few girls at school with natural hair so no one really knew how to handle it. When she was detangling my hair, the amount of ripping and tearing I heard was terrifying. I was silly and was afraid to ask her to chill. My ends were a HOT MESS when she was done and I regretted not speaking up.
  12. I worked at daycare some time ago and while playing with one of the kids, he put his cute little hat on my head since he wanted to “share.” A few days after I learned that Black people not being able to get lice was a MYTH.
  13. My five-year-old daughter was playing with arts and crafts at home since she was off from school. She was gluing yarn to one of her Barbie’s’ hair to replace all of the hair she had cut off. I was sitting at the kitchen table working on my laptop when I felt a soft tug on my Marley twists. My daughter was standing behind me with glue all over her hands, running them down the twists while saying, “Mommy, will my hair be long like yours?” I rushed to the bathroom to try to wash the glue out and take out the twists but it was a huge mess and I had to cut large pieces of my hair out.

Have any of these hair nightmares ever happened to you? Which hair story would be your worst hair nightmare? Share your scariest hair moments in the comments!


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