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All it took was one prolonged blink and August was knocking on the door to remind you of the inevitable descent into fall.

“This summer I’m going to spend every weekend on the beach,” you said.

“This summer I’m going to take really good care to maintain my summer glow,” you said.

But life intervened and every weekend at the beach turned into one trip and then maximizing on humidity’s skin benefits was suddenly trumped by the quest for survival in a sweltering subway station. Needless to say, your summer skin didn’t turn out to be all you expected it would, but it still trumps the dry skin of winter. Fret not: there are still a few weeks to capitalize on Vitamin D and carry summer’s glow into fall.

Keep Those Vitamin D Levels High: 

Let’s get into the science of summer skin: Why exactly is your skin so supple and beautiful in the summer? The answer is the perfect storm of Vitamin D and humidity. But first, let’s talk about Vitamin D.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and it needs Vitamin D to function at its most optimal level.Vitamin D is a key ingredient for beautiful skin as it promotes an even skin tone and gives your skin a radiant look. In the winter, we simply do not get enough exposure to this vitamin from the sun and your skin is not at its best. Commit to spending 10 minutes a day with direct light exposure or boost your vitamin intake to include vitamin D*. Your skin will thank you for it.

Make Peace With Humidity: 

For natural gals trying to flourish in the hair department, humidity is an eight-letter curse word; however, when it comes to your skin, humidity is a blessing in a muggy disguise. Humidity, as uncomfortable as it is, helps skin lock in moisture and reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. It allows skin to breathe, making it easier to clear pore build-up. When the humidity of summer is replaced by leather jackets and hot beverages, maintain it’s presence by indulging in steam room visits, hot yoga classes, or invest in a personal face steamer (like this one) or a humidifier for your sleeping space. Rihanna swears by the latter. 




Chill Out with the Harsh Exfoliates:

Ah, exfoliation. It feels like you’re getting extra clean and those little beads are giving your face the most important scrub of its existence, but the truth is over-exfoliation can do more harm than good. Sloughing off old skin is great when done in moderation, but over-exfoliation can cause an uneven complexion and work in the opposite of maintaining your skin’s summer glow. Try swapping out your bead-heavy exfoliator for a chemical exfoliator that contains Glycolic Acid (like this one) to gently break down build-up from the skin’s surface.

If All Else Fails, Use Bronzer! 

Like summer, all good things must inevitably come to an unwelcomed end, including your summer sun tan, but if you couple the above tips with the right bronzer, you can prolong your glow. Bring warmth to darker skin with a bronzer that has red or orange undertones, or alternate pressed powder bronzers and liquid shimmers for skin that looks healthier even in the coldest months.

*Consult with your physician before introducing new oral vitamins into your regimen.

Rachel Hislop is a NYC born and bred material girl living in the digital world. Digital content strategist by day and writer by night. Former Style Editor for Russell Simmons’ lover of dogs, shoes, and fellow sarcastic people.

Follow her on Instagram: @AmazingRach and Twitter: @MiissHislop


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