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Every summer the wave of articles telling you how to get your body beach-ready are rampant. First there’s the countdown to summer itself and all of the unrealistic tips and warnings that you are running out of time to get it together. Then there’s the “Oops, it’s already summer, but here’s what you can do for overnight results.” And lastly there’s the “Better luck next summer” articles to console you when you fall short and bring the promise of a new year to come.

There is so much focus on how to change and hide our bodies that we forget to stop and appreciate what we are working with. Body image is a touchy subject for many, but the Body Positive movement is helping lots of women step up to the task of loving and walking confident in who they are. Abandoning negative body images is not easy, but we’ve got some advice on how to shift over to being more “body positive.”

Take a moment to celebrate what’s RIGHT. Listen. We rarely, if ever, get it all completely right. But why ignore what is working? If you spend your time listing your flaws and searching for more, it is easy to spiral into a place of self-deprecation. Look in the mirror from time-to-time and really acknowledge your own beauty. Go ahead. Try it. It will leave you feeling more ready to face the world than beating yourself up will.

Stop comparing yourself to others. It is natural to want to size yourself up to other people, but this can really hinder your journey to the land of Body Positivity. Stop focusing on what others have going for them and make the effort to find out what makes you so awesome.

Buy YOUR size. Not the size you want to be. Part of feeling confident in your appearance is comfort. You want to wear clothing that feels good and fits your body well. And who wants a constant reminder of your insecurities in the shape of a too-tight bikini bottom cutting into your side? Not me. Find a fun color, pattern or style bathing suit. Not ready to bear it all? A sexy cover-up will do the trick. Just make sure that it fits YOU and makes YOU feel fly.




Flaunt your best feature. We all have that one thing we like about our ourselves. Legs for days. Mesmerizing eyes. Killer curves. Captivating smile. Perfect brows. Gorgeous hair. Whatever your best feature may be, don’t be afraid to let it shine. Cut the pity party short and have a body party to showcase what you love most about your body.

Exercise and eat healthy foods because it makes you feel better. Not because you are trying to reach unattainable or unhealthy goals for how your body should look. If you check the motivation for why you want to get in “better” shape, it should come from a place of self-love. Exercise and clean eating habits are great for making a healthier you and when you feel good, you look good.

Know that you aren’t alone. And it’s normal to feel insecure about your body. People who are considered the world’s most beautiful people can sometimes rattle off a list of things they don’t like about themselves. If you think you’re the only one at the pool cringing about stripping down to your swimsuit, you’re not. We all worry about whether this is too small or that is too big or if we look silly. No one is perfect, but that’s what makes us all so wonderful.

Are you body positive? Could your body image use some work? If you have any tips for how you rock your summer body with confidence, share in the comments below!


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