When you’re an adult, hair care is a task that consumes your weekends, shopping lists and sleep routines. Natural hair care is the multifarious duty you have assigned to yourself. While it can often be tiring, it is also empowering. It feels good.

However, could you imagine that level of responsibility as a child? When you were picking out your favorite twinkle toe shoes to run outside with, do you think you would have stopped to moisturize your hair first? Doubt it! Nevertheless, natural hair care is something that all young girls should be mindful of, as it not only teaches them about their hair, but also self-love.

So, pull up a chair. It’s time for some girl talk. Here are a few quick tips on starting the conversation with your daughters about loving their hair and hair care as much as you do.

  1. Caring for your hair is the same as caring for yourself. Remind your daughter that the girl that she looks at in the mirror is a princess—mama is the queen. Her hair is her crown. A princess wouldn’t let her crown get dirty, broken or damaged. So, why would she? Care for your crown princess; let the world see it shine.
  2. Don’t make it a chore. Instead of making it seem like it’s a Saturday night routine they have to do before they can get dessert, make it an event. Teach her a song, introduce some fairytale creatures, write a book, make a dance, or all of the above. Do whatever you need to do to get your daughter engaged in the task. If your daughter’s not into it, she won’t keep it up.
  3. Show her how you take care of your hair. When she’s not testing your patience, she is looking up to you. So let her see how much you care for your hair and give her little tips and tricks along the way. And before you know, she’ll soon be asking to borrow your essential oils.
  4. Research the best products for your child’s hair. Not all products work the same for your child’s hair. Fortunately, many hair care companies have child hair care lines. The difference between adult products and kid products is usually the amount of chemicals used. Kid shampoos tend to be milder. But, if you’re not into buying products, get in the kitchen and start creating some magic potions with your daughter.
  5. Get creative. Give the potions cute and funny names with elaborate labels that you two create together. In the end, even if your child’s hair doesn’t respond to the marshmallow root, lavender and rosemary oil, and coconut milk detangler, she’ll remember the night she spent making magic potions with mommy.
  6. Know your child’s limits. While you can spend half a day caring for your hair, your daughter is probably more interested in other things. If you make hair care a daunting experience that never ends, your daughter will learn to hate caring for her faster than you can say baby shampoo.

Have you already done the “hair” talk with your young daughter? What are your tips and best practices? Share them with us below.


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