We all know that what we eat has a direct impact on our waistline. But did you know that our diet can also determine whether or not our hair grows healthy and strong or becomes damaged and breaks off?

Dr. Adam Friedman, director of dermatologic research at the Montefiore-Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, makes a strong case for staying on top of our daily multivitamins and nutritional supplements. He was quoted in TIME magazine ( explaining that low levels of iron, vitamin D, some B vitamins and zinc have all been linked to hair loss. “While typically not the main cause of thinning [hair], nutrient or vitamin deficiencies can make the problem worse,” he adds.

Here are some small tweaks you can make to keep a healthy, balanced diet that helps and not hinders your hair growth.

1.Eat Protein-Rich Foods

Our hair is mostly made up of protein so consuming foods that are high in protein is essential to hair health. Foods such as eggs, chicken and salmon are all great sources of protein.
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2.Eat Less Sugar

Step away from that box of donuts! Foods with high sugar content (i.e. donuts, candy, and bagels) have little to no nutritional value. Therefore, it slows hair growth! Dermatologist Jessica Wu, M.D. says, “eating sweets causes blood sugar to spike. As the body pumps out insulin in response to the rise in blood sugar, it also raises levels of androgen, a male hormone that can make the hair follicle shrink in both women and men.” Instead, try dark chocolate or a handful of almonds as a snack.
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3.Decrease Stress

With all of life’s many demands, decreasing your stressors may sound like quite the task, but your hair will thank you for trying to relax more and stress less. Try working out for just 30 minutes a day or taking an extra walk around the block in the evening to de-stress.pushups
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4. Take a Daily Multivitamin (move photo up)

Find a multivitamin that has nearly 100 percent of the daily value of all the essential vitamins and minerals. If you can find a multivitamin that also has a high percentage of B-vitamins, you’ll get the added benefit of healthy hair and nails.pills
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