“The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned,”
– Maya Angelou

The concept for Heat Free Hair was created in my living room. And for two and a half years our close-knit team has worked long days and nights just feet away from my bedroom to bring you the products that you have come to know and love. As the business grew, I knew it was time to make a move, for the sake of both the business and my sanity.

I’ve always believed that my home should feel like a sanctuary – a resting place where I can let my hair down (no pun intended) and truly be myself. A place that instantly lifts all of the stress of a 12+ hour day away and puts you at ease as soon as you cross the threshold.

A few months ago I moved into my new place. Here, my deep love of the minimalism of modern architecture and design shine through along with some important cultural touches and a tranquil space where I spend the majority of my time at home.


You Have Arrived

At home, comfort is key. When you enter my house you’ll find a basket of socks for guests, so kick your shoes off and get ready to relax. Just a few steps later you are at the stairwell of my favorite part of the house, my “Zen Room”. My “Zen Room” represents me culturally through the array of Ankara dressed pillows sewn for me by my friend Asiyami Gold as well as my modern minimalistic style.

This is the room I spend the most time in whether its praying, meditating, reading, or just laying around, so I wanted it to have several elements that represent peace and good energy. It was VERY important to me to have live plants in this space so that life and energy fill the room.




To the right of my “Zen Room” is my living room where most of the natural light that pours into my house comes from. You’ll find mostly white furniture because I feel like it best represents my contemporary style and oddly, I like to feel like I am in a modern art museum when I come home, so having clean white lines and décor was a must. To add character and a pop of color, I also filled the room with purple orchids and more live plants as well as Ankara print framed on the walls.

One cool element that I love is my vinyl record player and growing collection of records. As a child, I used to love playing with my dad’s records and I just knew I was going to be a DJ, ha! And even though I’ve chosen a different path, I have a vinyl record player and a growing collection of jazz, blues and African highlife records that serve as a SERIOUS means of relaxation whenever I’m home.





Reading is another form of relaxation for me. I am a student of life and truly believe in the importance of learning. My book collection is digital but I did want to share with you a few good reads that I love to keep on hand at home.

◻ Outwitting the Devil by Napolean Hill – This book helps me a lot when I feel like fear and doubt are getting in the way of my progress.

◻ There Was a Country by Chinua Achebe – This book is important to me because of my Nigerian history.

◻ Lastly, I keep Girl Boss by Sophia Amoruso – To remind me every day to live and think like a boss!

I’d love to know what makes your home special and what’s on your reading list! Comment below and let me know!



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  1. Antoinette 26 MAY, 2015

    Awesome first post! I am looking forward to more! You're new home is absolutely beautiful. I too am a stickler for our homes being sanctuaries and as a newly married woman I make sure our home is just that for myself and hubby. We face so much stress and anxiety outside the home... Walking into our space should be a retreat, light, airy, full of life, love, and great vibes! Can't wait to read more! Will you guys have contributors to write for the blog? Or nah?! Antoinette IG: MsArtistri https://youtube.com/user/MsArtistri

  2. Catherine reveil 26 MAY, 2015

    Hi I'm a hairstylist in Spoiled salon out in New London Connecticut. I absolutely love love love the heat free hair. I have a lot of natural hair client and I always sending them to your site to get bundles of hair. Everyone that I put on absolutely love the hair. It would be so exciting if you could come over this side and launch a store.

  3. Sasha-Shae 26 MAY, 2015

    Very beautiful home, I love bright spaces and modern but relaxing as well and I'm loving the ankara on the walls and that awesome fur rug!!!! (Do share a great place to get a rug like that). Welcome to blogging as well.

  4. Kiah l. 26 MAY, 2015

    Beautiful home. Very peaceful and stylish. I love the colors you chose for each room and how they all came together. Very beautiful.

  5. SHawnee 26 MAY, 2015

    I love your new Home!!! It's absolutely beautiful. Keep up the good work with providing excellent quality hair. God bless and stay focus. The best is yet to come.. God Bless -Shawnee

  6. Tsbatha 26 MAY, 2015

    Your New home is so beautiful! Continued Blessings!

  7. Tabatha 26 MAY, 2015

    I love you Hair too lol! Will be purchasing more!

  8. Tara moneT 26 MAY, 2015

    I loveee your home this is an amazing post. I'm looking forward for more to come. I'm definitely a heat free hair fan!

  9. linda Mazyck 21 JUN, 2015

    I would love a referral to someone in Detroit Michigan or surrounding area that knows how to style and care for the full lace kinky hair. Thank you in advance.

  10. Valerie Harvey 18 AUG, 2015

    Hello Ngozi, how are you, my sister? I stumbled upon your gorgeous hair on YouTube. I am a wig maker/makeup artist and always looking for what's current, trendy and uplifting for my clients. Oh, my God...tears are rolling down my face as I write this!!! You have come up with the most needed hair idea for African-American women since Madame C.J. Walker and her empire. I love the wefted hair, wigs and clip ins. The message is so loud and clear, for those who choose to accept it, Ngozi. We don't have to have/ wear straight hair to be stunningly beautiful. In some cases, we don't have to have hair at all. I wear a shaved head, proudly and love it! I get compliments and stunned stares all the time. As a wig maker, I am almost forced to wear wigs on a daily basis. I am, however thinking of growing my hair out at least long enough to get a weave. Yes, I will be using your hair. Twenty years ago I was lucky enough to find out that I am Nigerian Yoruba. I'm both thankful and proud to know who and what I am. I wish you continued blessings and success. Ashe, from the bottom of my African Goddess of the Universe heart.

  11. Mi$$Phab 26 AUG, 2015

    Absolutely inspiring! I love this. Keep up the good work and more success to you girl! So proud of you right now.

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